Thursday, 6 May 2010

Springhead and a view from a hill

We visited Springhead Hill after I had cast my vote, my first in a General Election since I left the country in 1982 to work as an expat. I could not see any real difference between the three main parties, they all want to be pc, follow the safe middle ground and are scared to talk about the issues that really concern people. Not voting was a real option, they don’t like that. However I felt I had to make a statement so an X was duly scratched against a name.
It was a pleasant day out, alternating between cloud and brief sunny spells. The meadow was a carpet of cowslips. 
Three butterflies put in an appearance, a Small White and Red Admiral roamed a large territory and a battered Speckled Wood fluttered around a sheltered area by the car park. I took Sue to the Sportsman Inn, Amberley to see the spectacular view over the Arun flood plain and we had lunch there. We will return for the sunset view sometime.

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