Sunday, 9 May 2010

Elizabeth I half groat, guano seal, buttons and a hedgerow

Another dig near Horsham at our old site gave me an Elizabeth I half groat, my second hammered coin. 
Thanks to Richard who corrected my first identification of the coin.
The full description is: 
Obverse Legend: E D G ROSA SINE SPINA,
 E D G = Elizabeth DEI GRATIA (Elizabeth by the Grace of God)  
 ROSA SINE SPINA - a rose without a thorn
Reverse Legend: CIVITAS LONDON (London Mint,  
5th issue: 1591 - 1595
Diameter: 17mm, weight: 0.92 gram. 

Other finds were a George V sixpence (1914), an Anglo-Continental Guano lead bag seal, four buttons and more musket balls. A good day out on a dull but dry day.

 I disturbed an ant in a hole and spotted many ladybirds in the grass

The hedgerow was rich in flowers so I had some fun with the Canon compact.

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