Monday 30 November 2009

from Maagiri to the Devil's Thila via Furana

The night dive yesterday was by boat to Maagiri Caves. An excellent dive with Sheryl who goes at the same slow pace as me, in photography mode. I saw the first Octocoral I have seen for years, plenty of Banded shrimps, Featherstars and Eels.

This morning’s first dive was Furana North, a fast current drift. Great overhangs at 20 metres with a Stingray, huge school of Glass fish, a Lobster and a juvenile Sweetlips with a weird black, yellow and white pattern.

Keith Knight at end of dive

The second dive was at Maagiri East which was a beautiful gentle dive on a reef teeming with fish. I was able to get several close-ups including a Titan triggerfish feeding on a fish carcase.

Bill Kasischke hanging out

Sheryl Wright shooting Bluestripe Snappers

The afternoon dive at Devil’s Thila was productive and easy. A rarely seen Leaf fish was found by Andy at the end of the dive. A turtle was feeding next to him. A mantis shrimp appeared as I was attempting to shoot an Emperor angelfish, also a lobster in an overhang.

rare Leaf fish

Sunday 29 November 2009

Sweetlips and Manta

The first dive today was at my favourite site, Barracuda Giri, locally known as Okobe Thila. The Sweetlips were at their usual place under the overhang in the current. Bluestripe snappers were riding the current in large shoals.

Bill Kasischke

Abdulla Al-Saleem

Paul Catley

The second dive was at the Manta feeding station on Lankan reef. A sole manta gave everyone a great show for 40 minutes. It seemed not to mind the divers and their bubbles beneath it. During one cycle in was within touching distance of me, though I didn’t . A lone turtle at the start of the dive delighted Michele who didn’t have her camera when she saw her first one.

Keith Knight