Friday 18 September 2015

Edward IV penny, Holly Blue and Arundel

Edward IV penny, York mint
On August 30 I found my first hammered coin for ages, an Edward IV penny.
We did a walk to the pier on September 10th and I spotted a Holly Blue outside the flats on the way back. Yesterday I visited Arundel WWT again and saw another kingfisher. there were plenty of Autumn fruits.
Littlehampton train
Littlehampton beach
Holly Blue, Celastrina argiolus
Arundel WWT:
Alder buckthorn, Frangula alnus
Alder buckthorn
Blackberries, Rubus fruticosus
 Buddleia davidii
Common Froghopper, Philaenus spumarius
Garden Spider, Araneus diadematus
Guelder Rose, Viburnum Opulus
Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis
The kingfisher landed on the post for one second, took a look at the line-up in the hide and made off.
Traveller's-joy, Clematis vitalba
Trumpeter Swans, Cygnus buccinator
Trumpeter cygnet, one of four raised this year
wasp - id needed
Rosehips, Rosa species

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Latticed Stinkhorns and goodbye catheter

Latticed Stinkhorn, Clathrus ruber
On September 1 I had my prostate removed. Two days later I was released with a catheter from Eastbourne District General Hospital and had my first decent night’s sleep for two days. I had been looking forward to this morning’s appointment for some time – the catheter was removed at Southlands Hospital and I have now reverted to nappy training…
  I can only speak highly of all the NHS staff who have dealt with me throughout the whole procedure. The NHS has its failings, but my recent experience has shown me the highest standards – thank you to everyone involved for your professionalism in all fields.

  We had lunch at home then visited Arundel WWT for my first photographic outing this month. We met Terry and found some Common Darters on the reedbed walk. When we dropped Terry off at home he kindly showed us something new – Latticed Stinkhorns, very interesting and well named fungi.
Collared Dove, Streptopelia decaocto
Common Darter ♀, Sympetrum striolatum
Common Darter ♂
Brown Rollrim, Paxillus involutus - 12cm
Latticed Stinkhorn, Clathrus ruber

Nettle Groundbugs, adults & nymphs, Heterogaster urticae
Turnip Sawflies mating, Athalia rosae