Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Dream Machine

After weeks of research, talking to photographers, looking at butterfly and nature photography forums, reading reviews and user ratings I finally decided on my new outfit. Half of it was available immediately from Park Cameras at Burgess Hill so we drove there and I came out beaming with my new toy, a Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX DG Macro lens, Nikon fit. I can use it on my D40 while I wait for a Nikon D90 body to arrive from Amazon.
Till now I have been using my 200mm micro-Nikkor from the 1980s. A fantastic lens, but does not work on auto exposure with the low end of the Nikon digital range D40 so I was losing a lot of shots reviewing results and reshooting if the butterfly stayed put…
The Nikon D90 should double my pixels to 12MP and give me a better review screen amongst other things. I can then crop subjects from within the frame and still have a decent number of pixels left for a quality large image.
I went out on the balcony and shot the mimulus (musk) and pansies and the orchids in the lounge to put it through its paces.
Thanks to everyone who indulged me during my exploration, especially Neil, Sheryl, Barb, Ian, Tom, Bob who are all accomplished photographers in the Butterfly, Underwater and Commercial photography worlds.


  1. As a rich Aramco retiree,I would have thought you would have gone for the D3S, or it's half frame sibling, the D300S?

  2. If I was I might have considered these :) They appear to give me nothing more than I need with the D90. which is a decent viewing screen and 12MP.

  3. Hey Col,
    Does that mean when your D90 arrives you'll have a D40 going begging? If so, me and Gabi have a crisp 5 pound note waiting.... just say the word.... Dan.


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