Friday 31 December 2010

Post Christmas events

the lads at The Ranmoor Inn
We returned from Sheffield on Wednesday after a lovely break. The fog got worse as we neared the south coast. There was one very bad accident on the A34 north of the M4, but that was the only delay. Nute made a brilliant Christmas lunch for twelve and the Sami and Beth reminded us old‘uns what Christmas means to young’uns.
last walk with Ollie in Endcliffe Park. The Snow has mostly melted but there is still ice on the ponds
On Sunday we recovered, on Monday Jo, Jen and Katherine came over for lunch and on Tuesday Penny & George arrived from Hull. Before they arrived we visited the Weston Park Museum. It has been reworked since our last visit years ago and is very impressive, with great areas for children, especially the recreation of a local butchers shop where they can serve behind the counter.
After lunch I visited The Ranmoor Inn with George, Ken for an interesting few pints. George and another George sitting nearby knew many pubs in common in Hull and Sheffield! An interesting debate between George and Ken ensued about whether there was a snooker table in The Nursery in times past. The other George and Nute independently verified George’s memory of it. We reminisced about The Nursery landlady Vera’s famous pork butties in the 70’s. Over a pint of Stones we used to drool as the smell of the pork roast drifted downstairs. The crackling was perfect.
The River Arun from the West Bank

Sunday 26 December 2010

Boxing Day in Derbyshire

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Ollie enjoyed his walk in Enfcliffe Park this morning. Ratty and the birds enjoyed the bird feed outside the dining area. After lunch we drove into Derbyshire to enjoy the snow covered hills.

Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas walk in Endcliffe Park

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Before lunch I went for a walk in Endcliffe Park. Ken was ahead of me with Ollie, but our paths didn’t cross. There were wonderful icicles along the river and more reflections. This was followed by a huge Christmas lunch with all the traditional trimmings, including home made cranberry sauce. I consumed the Christmas pudding and double cream, log roll and fresh fruit salad, and trifle. As guests arrived they were greeted with a glass of champagne. Alex and Nadine had arrived from Derby by the time I returned from my walk. They were followed by Mark, Helen and the girls - Sami who has shot up since last year and Beth who was excited by all the possibilities in store (chocolates galore and presents) followed by Carol with daughter Kara. Carol was impressed with my Tudor clothes fastener which I had brought up to show around. A great time was had by all. After everyone left I took Ollie for a walk around the block and he has just rewarded me with a mighty emanation from his position on the floor right in front of me.

After I posted this a friend in the US told me her aunt had a phobia of flying ever since she witnessed the crash. She and a group of kids were trying to pull out one of the US airmen from the wreckage who was still alive and talking to them but they failed and could only stand by as he perished.
I researched further and found this story of the B17-G and her ill fated crew.
Post 5 on this site is an eye witness account of the crash.
I have just read a 1997 book about the Mi Amigo and which is available for the Kindle

Flaming pud
 Ken and Ollie after lunch
 Beth really enjoying one of her presents

Friday 24 December 2010

Reflections on Christmas Eve

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We drove up to Sheffield yesterday to spend stay with Danuta and Ken. The roads were all clear of snow and we had one of our fastest trips, five hours with three stops and no queues due to accidents or road works. After lunch we decided to view Derbyshire in the snow.
We started off in the car park at the Grouse Inn which used to be a favourite venue in the late 70s. We spent many lunchtimes there enjoying their famous beef sandwiches, and many evenings in front of the dart board. George and I hogged the board one evening, knocking out all comers, a unique occasion I have to admit, but we dined out on the experience thereafter.
Then we had a walk along the River Derwent below Froggat both sides of the bridge where the reflections were wonderful.
 We stopped again at the Grouse for sunset shots, and finally on the Bakewell road for a second sunset.