Sunday, 16 May 2010

Napoleon meets George in Sussex

It started well with this George III 'bull neck' sixpence, 1819.
obverse: GEOR III D G BRITT REX F D (George III by the Grace of God ‘Dei Gratia’, King of the British territories, Defender of the Faith ‘Fidei Defensor’).
reverse: HONI SOIT Q MAL Y PENSE (motto of the English chivalric Order of the Garter meaning "Shame be to him who thinks evil of it") - see wikipedia.
2.71 gms, 19.5 mm
A George III halfpenny, 1770-1775
obverse: GEORGIUS III, reverse REX BRITAN NIA 5.75 gms, 27.5  mm
Napoleon III 1856 DIX CENTIMES
BB below Imperial Eagle is the mint mark of Strasbourg
Engraver: Barre (under bust)
French bronze coins of ten and five centimes circulated widely in Britain during the second half of the 19th century, as pennies and halfpennies due to a shortage of small change. They were used from c1860 to 1887 when they were declared illegal.
9.34 gms, 30 mm
Other finds are part of a spur similar to this one in ukdfd (60 x 55 x 9mm), a silver ring (0.83gm, 17mm) both above, a possible incomplete clothes fastener (38 x 20mm, 3.4gm)
three buttons, a 1921 George V penny in good condition and a threepence with three-headed thrift plant.
Other finds by club members included at least two hammered coins (one above) and this nice seal:
Martin stayed on into the afternoon with me and as he walked back to his car he found this lovely ear scoop, possibly Roman.   ukdfd states: “A Roman Ligula, which is a type of specialist spoon with a narrow cup-shaped bowl at one end. It was used for extracting ointment, ungents, powders and balsams, from tubes and boxes. It could have also been used as a medical probe or an ear scoop.”   The rains held off on a cool day, perfect for detecting. A couple out for a walk asked what I had found so I showed them and they were surprised by the history of the area. I ended a long day tired but content with my finds.


  1. We found an 1854 Napoleon III 10 centime today in woods near Tenterden Kent. Your 'Postcard' was very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, I am delighted that my post has assisted you. My main sources for ids are: (using object description field)
    and strangely enough Ebay which has given me an immediate id when other sources have failed.


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