Friday, 9 September 2011

Kithurst Hill Small White and lizards

Small White on Scabius
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Yesterday afternoon I visited Kithurst Hill after reading a report of a Clouded Yellow on Wednesday. I arrived at the same time as a couple of enthusiasts on the same mission. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours enjoying the view towards the North Downs and the Small Whites and Speckled Woods. Every time the sun poked through the cloud cover the whites took off. As I reached the gate to leave I noticed a movement and saw a small lizard leaving two adults who were resting on wooden fence.
Small Whiteview north from Kithurst HillSpeckled Wood on Hemp-agrimonyPheasantSmall White on ScabiusSmall White on ScabiusSmall White on ScabiusSmall White on ScabiusCommon Lizardadult & juvenile Common Lizards

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