Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cissbury Ring Small Coppers

I’ve fallen behind with my blogging due to a fatal crash on my hard drive. The HP tower pc is only four months old! I’m having to use the laptop for photo editing and my old XP machine for the rest which is so slow compared to the Windows 7 pc. Fortunately it is under warranty and HP are sending me a new hard drive, but that will take time to be authorized and shipped. All my photos and most of my data are on external drives and backed up. Ho hum....

On Sunday I visited Cissbury Ring and found plenty of Small Coppers and Small Heaths in excellent condition. Also some Adonis Blue, Small Whites and Meadow Browns. The fungi are also showing well. I saw five Small Heaths flying in one battling bundle.

This bracket fungus attached to a tree was very old and a feature of the ditch walk. Someone has jumped on it since my last visit, hope they didn't hurt themselves when they broke it...

Small Copper
Adonis Blue
Adonis Blue
Adonis Blue
Meadow Brown
Small Heath
Small Copper
 The NT are clearing shrubs from the site, good site management
Small White

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