Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A half guinea weight and a froglet

On Sunday we had a club dig which started off in fine weather and ended up with a downpour at around 1pm. Three dogs gave a fine display battling for a branch and a froglet hopped in front of me as I investigated a dry pond in the wooded area. Among my finds waqs a Georgian farthing, a piece of possibly late medieval pottery and a Half guinea coin weight.

Half guinea coin weight by  Anthony Giles
This Half Guinea coin weight c1680 has the makers initals AG =  Anthony Giles. There is an identical one on the PAS database: http://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/155273

possibly part of a miniature toy dagger handle - thin plate.
length = 53mm x 21.2mm x 8.5mm, weight = 4.53g

width = 135mm x 8.63mm thick

unknown lead object with a hole for a handle, possibly a metal worker's hammer.
length = 29mm, width = 16.4mm, 13.9mm deep. Weight = 27.6g

Spoon handle in two pieces found 1.5 meters apart. Words visible: THOMAS YAT(es), STEEL
Thomas Yates was a Birmingham manufacturer of metal goods from the early 19th century.

hollow leg of an lead animal toy.
length = 36.9mm, width = 20.1mm, depth = 7.9mm, weight = 15.2g

part of a copper alloy harness pendant.
Length = 43.8mm, depth = 19mm

musket ball,  diameter = 13.5mm, weight  = 12.9g

Buckle, 23.4mm x 18.4mm, weight = 2.2g

pottery. 36mm x 18.2mm x 11.1mm thick, 11.4g

copper alloy Buckle. 21.8mm x 23mm deep, weight = 3g

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