Monday, 1 August 2011

Mill Hill and Hope Gap

The Seven Sisters from Seaford Head
On Saturday evening a noisy motorised parasail flew east to west along the coastline
It was a sunny morning on Sunday so I did my weekly butterfly transect at Mill Hill. I met Paul and Andy who were on butterfly missions of their own.
Results: 1 Adonis Blue, 35 Chalkhill Blue, 6 Common Blue, 4 Dingy Skipper, 11 Gatekeeper, 9 Meadow Brown, 2 Peacock, 2 Red Admiral, 4 Small Heath, 1 Wall, I Brimstone.
Chalkhill Blue
Chalkhill Blue
second brood Dingy Skipper
Dingy Skipper
car boot sale below Mill Hill
After this I headed for Hope Gap , well named as I was after a sighting of a Clouded Yellow reported on Saturday at Seaford Head. There were plenty of Chalkhill Blues fighting with Common Blues and Gatekeepers plus Six-spot Burnet moths. The scenery is stunning there and there were plenty of walkers enjoying the sights. A few golfers were hunting in the rough for those little white things. Butterflies seen: Chalkhill Blue, Common Blue, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Marbled White, Brown Argus.
Common Blue
Chalkhill Blue
Chalkhill Blue
Lesser Centaury Centaurium pulchellum
(I changed my id for the plant above)
Common Blue
Six-spot Burnet moth on Viper's Bugloss
Chalkhill Blue
Common Blue on Ragwort
Common Blue
Six-spot Burnet moth
Dive boat
Kayak off the Cuckmere Haven
Brown Argus
Hope Gap
Chalkhill Blue
I walked from Hope Gap to Seaford and enjoyed the cliff views. Some people seemed oblivious of the potential for cliffs to collapse.
The calf nudged his mum when she was enjoying a rest so she got up and indulged him
During the last few days I have seen some interesting moths in our stairway. A Brimstone moth was outside a window. It flew off when I attempted to open the window for a better view.
unknown moth on window, 18mm wide

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