Saturday, 6 August 2011

Mill Hill, Steyning Brown Hairstreak and SUSSAR PR exercise

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On my way to the Detecting Club meeting on Wednesday I called by Southwater Woods and found this Red Admiral on the gate. The previous Saturday I attended a Portable Antiquities Scheme session at Arundel Castle where  ITV were recording a programme about  metal detecting finds. About 70 detectorists were invited, but they were not interested in my run of the mill finds from recent digs - only glamorous finds were filmed. It will be interesting to see the programme, though it will not be representative of the average finds. I saw a huge bronze Saxon buckle and a silver bird figure whose use is unknown, both of which were filmed.
Friday morning was sunny so I did my weekly butterfly transect at Mill Hill. My count was 
10 Adonis Blue, 1 Brimstone, 42 Chalkhill Blue, 14 Common Blue, 6 Dingy Skipper, 17 Gatekeeper, 39 Meadow Brown, 1 Red Admiral, 7 Small Heath, 3 Speckled Wood.
view west from Mill Hill - spot the litter
Chalkhill Blue

Adonis Blue

I then called in at Steyning Rifle Range to see if any Brown Hairstreaks were out yet. I saw more butterfly enthusiasts than butterflies! Neil, Mark, Brian et al and a couple who arrived from Kent late in the afternoon. I saw one male flying above the tall blackthorn by the lower gate at 3pm.
Common Whitethroat
Brown Hairstreak Lane
Then I headed to Dover Lane for a PR photoshoot when Sussex Police officially handed over the keys to our 'new' SUSSAR (Sussex Search and Rescue unit) control vehicle and the Lowland Search Dog Unit received theirs.

SUSSAR on wheels and Dog teams

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