Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Faraway South Pacific adventure

On September 8, 2010 we had dinner with Sheryl  and Ian on board their yacht Faraway in Chichester harbour. They hired a crew sail it across the Atlantic to St. Maarten and joined it from Saudi Arabia on December 14. They sailed around the Caribbean for five months then on May 18 they entered the Panama Canal. They travelled to Cocos Island and then the Galapagos which they left on June 19. Their journey to the Marquesas lasted three weeks and they have since then been sailing through all weathers to Tonga. Their final destination is Brisbane. We have been following their journey on  their blog and some of it is nail-biting stuff. I'd like to share on my blog today as Sussex weather is not conducive to chasing butterflies.
their journey from Cocos Island towards Tonga
recent travels
You can read their blog:     http://www.farawayfaraway.blogspot.com/

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