Monday, 8 August 2011

Cousins, George and buttons

On Saturday we saw arrived in Woking for lunch at cousin Linda's. Richard and Jenny were already there and Sheila arrived shortly after. Linda had a wonderful salad feast for us, finished off with cheesecake. A very enjoyable reunion, thanks to Linda for hosting it.

On Sunday I attended a club dig. An excellent bronze axe-head was found, but not much else I think. My haul was an 1861 penny, 1861 halfpenny, 1926 penny, two George (III?) halfpennies, both very thin, one with no marking, one with Georgious just visible, a tombac button, a gilt button and button with radial stripes and a second flower shaped piece attached.. I also had a tiny coin, 14.6mm and 1.22g. The only coin I can match it to is a rose farthing of Charles I, but there are no marking left to verify this. Pictures later.

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