Thursday, 11 August 2011

Royal Academy summer exhibition

Jackie and Bea joined us for a trip to the Summer Exhibition yesterday. We enjoyed it, there were less people than two years ago when we last visited, possibly people stayed away due to the riots. Anyway, fewer people made for a more enjoyable tour around the many galleries. We ticked off our favourites in the program and chose the one we'd each buy to hang on our wall if we had the space and money! Mine was a photographic seascape: 
Storm II by Tim Hall.
my second choice was another photograph, an architectural print:

We did not appreciate the stuff by Ms T. Emin. This person is taking the Michael and showing her contempt for people who go to exhibitions to enjoy art. The pile of chairs in the first hall was by a Turner Prize winner, what a surprise!
Overall, a good exhibition, well laid out. Here is a YouTube film of the preparations:

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