Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dan and Gabi wed at Hull

We left Sheffield at 10:15 on Saturday and arrived at Lilac Tree Farm around noon. We had time to change and meet the Gabi’s family from Poland. Some had travelled from Melton Mowbray and Gabi’s immediate family had arrived from Tarnow, East of Krakow. They are a lovely, close-knit family. Then we all headed off for the registry office in Hull for the 1:30pm ceremony. Gabi looked gorgeous and Dan looked the business in bow tie and winged collar. Back at Lilac Tree everyone relaxed and vast quantities of food and drink were unveiled. The garden looked fabulous, everyone has been working hard to make it a spectacle with pansies, petunias and other flowers and bushes looking their best. We left at around 11pm to find our hotel in Hedon.

A Danny creation from a Twisted Willow
The bride was joined by a Small Tortoiseshell
Dan and Gabi with her Sister and Brother
Garden at Lilac Tree
Ebby, the Best Man, made his speech but Harry had other things on his mind.
starting to relax...
the champers is working 
this young lady has got me summed up
flash flash
Nadine and Alex relax a month after their nuptials

hmm, that camera guy again

The chocolate monster. The camera guy ran...

chicks hatched during the afternoon
Gabi's sister Vava is a talented young photographer

Harry is a photographer too, "look at my work"

The cake was a work of art by Janet

OK photographer guy, you better get my good side (I tried to get her bad side, but she hasn't got one)

Apart from this Green-veined White and the Tortoiseshell the garden had a Speckled Wood, a Red Admiral and a Comma.


  1. Thanks Col,

    With you and Wawa on the job, we've got some amazing wedding pics and thanks for the lovely mentions. The guests made it a magical day and will all be receiving individual thanks asap.
    We're in Poland now, it started to pour down 2 days before we left Blighty and, on arrival, we were hit by the oven like heat of Rzeszow airport. Viva Polski! Ok, off for breakfast.

  2. Fabulous pictures that will add to wonderful memories, I'm sure. A lovely day was had by all - thanks for letting us join in, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Have a good time you two! Dorothy xx

  3. Great pictures; it was obviously a great day for all involved. What delightful children and what a lovely cake.

  4. Finally we both had a chance to have a proper look. The mutual verdict is 'brilliant photos'. George was very impressed. Thanks.


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