Saturday, 17 July 2010

Small Skippers and Chalkhill Blues at Castle Hill

male Chalkhill Blue, Lysandra coridon
I joined an excellent tour of Castle Hill Nature Reserve, Brighton. Tom Ottley lead us on a walk around this beautiful downland reserve on a breezy morning with plenty of sun to bring the butterflies out. The Chalkhill Blues were out (above).

 It was peak season for Six-spot Burnet moths

congressional activities were the order of the day for these Burnets
Scabius was a favourite flower for their activities
male False Oil  Beetle, Oedemera nobilis (female has normal sized hind femora)
many Small Coppers were seen
this pair were also in the mood

Small Skippers

Great Green Bush-cricket
Common blue
butterfly spotted

Marbled white

Round-headed Rampion

Forester moth
Brown Argus underside
Brown Argus upper wing view
Chalkhill Blue underwing

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  1. These photos are just amazing!


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