Thursday, 1 July 2010

The colour Purple, choice of Emperors

A walk at Southwater today with Phil and Neil turned into a very productive day. Jill turned up to check where Saturday's walk was starting from and accepted my invitation to wander along the track. A Purple Emperor landed at our feet 200 yards from the road and gave us a great display while investigating rabbit droppings.
Later the same butterfly landed on Neil Hulme's boot and enjoyed sucking up whatever nutrients were embedded therein...  

White Admirals and Silver-washed Fritillaries (above) were everywhere. There were plenty of Large Skippers and a Marbled White
plus a Meadow Brown with its wings open. We watched a couple of Purple Emperors fighting around a tree top.
Phil then spotted a nigrina form of the White Admiral (above) which topped off a great day. There have been many colour varients this year due to the cold winter
A roe deer dashed off at the end of the walk.

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