Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Chichester’s arty side

I took Bea to Chichester for a shop so we went our separate ways, kept meeting up by chance, and finally met by design at the Bishop’s Kitchen by the Cathedral where an exhibition by the Southern Ceramic Group was showing.
We liked the work by guest artist Kate Hackett.

There were plenty of photo opportunities in the Cathedral area:
After an excellent light lunch at the Pallant Gallery (bubble & squeak with fried egg), we called in at The Oxmarket Centre of Arts, St Andrews Court and enjoyed one of the artists in the current exhibition, Frances Knight, who really appreciates light as seen in 
"Crillon Le Brave an Mt Ventoux late afternoon 2" in Provence:
Frances will be showing in the Arundel gallery trail 20-30th August, 2010.

We also bought some note cards from another artist, Tricia Baldwin.
Left and right side of Pallant Gallery entrance in brown ceramics

Front of Oxmarket Centre of Arts


  1. Nice photos Colin you are kept busy. All being well we will be back in Chichester Sept 1 to 17. Hope to catch up with you and Sue at some stage during that time. We'll mostly be at the marina so pretty easy to find. Hey I love the butterfly photo at the top of this blog - what is it's name? Take care. Sheryl

  2. Sheryl, I think you are referring to the Chalkhill Blue on the July 25 post, its a very pretty butterfly. We will come over when you are at the marina and disturb your peace :)


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