Tuesday, 26 June 2012

True Lover's Knot with the Blues

Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, male
This morning conditions looked perfect for photographing butterflies - warm, cloud cover with the sun occasionally pushing through. Stedham Common was my choice and female Silver-studded Blues were my target. I was delighted when I found 3 males in the same area, and even more pleased when a female crossed my path. By this time there were 5 males flying around, Two tried to get together with the female but she rejected them. I saw her lay 2 eggs in young heather. No mating couples seen, but I found  a couple of dead moths in the heather, including a beautifully named True Lover's Knot.
Common Heath, Ematurga atomaria, dead
underside of dead Common Heath, Ematurga atomaria
Crab spider, Misumena vatia
Nursery web spider, Pisaura mirabilis
Nursery web spider, Pisaura mirabilis

This very battered specimen looked freshly emerged, its wings  were not  dry and its colour was  very bright.

Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, female

Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, female 

True Lover's Knot, Lycophotia porphyrea

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