Friday, 15 June 2012

more Silver-studded Blues

Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, male
Yesterday was a cloudy day and I decided to try to find Silver-studded blues at Stedham Common. I met Pauline, a UKBer (UKButterflies forum poster) who wanted to photograph SSBs and showed her where Mark and I found some on Wednesday. A male soon appeared. Conditions were good for photography as it was cloudy but warm enough for flight at 18-21C and it roosted with open wings for me several times. I also found a juvenile adder while wandering through the heather.
British White cattle
These cattle are important for habitat management at this Sussex Wildlife Trust site. They crop the grasses and saplings that would otherwise choke the site.
Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, male
Silver-studded Blue, Plebeius argus, male

juvenile Adder, Vipera berus

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