Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Peter, Paul and a Small Copper

Today we welcomed David and Shirley, long time friends of Bea’s who are spending the week in a cottage in Chichester. We lunched at The Arun View, good as always then they visited the Longest Bench and had coffee in the Rusty  Hulk. 
Later Sue and I visited the churchyard at St Peter and St Paul's, Rustington. We were looking for butterflies to complete another tetrad for the Sussex butterfly survey. We found none so we headed for the bypass and a lane I had noticed on the map. In a small meadow we found a Small Copper which landed on a sheet of polythene, very au natural.

hoverfly Volucella inanis
As the tide was out and the weather was beautiful I headed for the beach with my detector and to my surprise met Bob, one of our club members who had the same idea. My haul included a bullet, two cartridge cases and 1p!

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