Friday 24 September 2010

Birling Gap and Oyster Catchers

Black-headed Gull
I took Bea back to Eastbourne this morning. We called in at Birling Gap but the weather was too windy and cold for butterflies so we climbed down the steps and searched the beach for fossils.
Yesterday's early morning
looking west from Birling Gap
looking east
We found a 65mm moth larva marching over the pebbles heading for the sea. It had survived a 40 feet fall so we released it in the bramble area upstairs. I believe it is a Fox Moth caterpillar Macrothylacia rubi


looking west over Birling Gap
Eastbourne from Beachy Head
Back at Littlehampton I visited the beach to photograph the oyster catchers.

looking west towards the Arun

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