Thursday, 5 August 2010

Steyning again

Holly Blue
I met two butterfly enthusiasts from Hampshire and one from Shoreham. At the time of meeting none of us had a whiff of a Brown Hairstreak. We all agreed that they don’t show themselves unless Neil is in attendance. The Hampshire guys saw an adder at a completely different place from the one I saw two days ago. I saw and heard the Green Woodpecker again plus a Silver-washed Fritillary which passed me several times but did not stop.
Green-veined White (above and below)

Wall taking off
Plenty of Holly Blues again nectaring on Wild Marjoram and resting on Ivy
Comma showing its distincive white comma mark
Common Blue (above and two below)

Gatekeeper taking off
view over Steyning
Hoverfly, Eriozona erratica
Ichneumon wasp, Amblyteles armatorius
Blackthorn fruit
smaller multi-clustered fruit of another prunus species

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