Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cissbury Blues and Browns

Adonis Blue
It blew a gale last night and having been confined to the flat for over a day by the rain, I visited Cissbury Ring this afternoon. In spite of some drizzle there were plenty of butterflies around. They were mainly Meadow Browns and Chalkhill Blues with an Adonis Blue, Small Heaths and a White. 
Adonis Blue
 Adonis Blue
 Adonis Blue
Meadow Brown on Scabius
Meadow Brown on grass
Chalkhill Blue
 Chalkhill Blue
Great Mullein (above + below)

Wayfaring Tree

Tachina fera, a fly whose larva parasitises certain moths 
European or Large black slug Arion ate
Owl Pellet, 5 cms long and consisted mainly of small mammal hair and a few bones
Rooting-shank fungus, Collybia radiculatas

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