Monday 16 August 2010

a Farthing and a Ruddy Darter

Yesterday we had a club dig near Bognor. It was a fine day on stubble fields. Members found an Anglo-Saxon strap end and a silver sixpence. My finds are listed below.
1939 Farthing
 Tombac button
Nameplate for a Lister engine made in Dursley, Gloucestershire by the R.A Lister company from 1867 till present. They made engines for agricultural machinery.
George III farthing and halfpenny. Like many George III coins these have no identifying marks left.
a lead snail
detecting in stubble can be quite hard work
There was a large pond adjacent to one field and a Ruddy Darter was patrolling his territory.
A large cricket and this moth were in the hedgerow.


  1. The Ruddy Darter looks incredibly similar to one we spotted in Poland (south east) near some of the standing water after the floods. Could it be the same species so far away?


  2. Yes Dan, it is found throughout the temperate regions of Europe so you could have seen in Poland:


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