Thursday, 17 June 2010

Speckled Woods in town centre

A walk to Littlehampton library to collect a wildflower book led me through the wild wood that I featured recently. 
This time I was treated to the spectacle of at least a dozen Speckled Woods resting on grass stems, twirling together in the air and landing on the path. This was the greatest number of this butterfly I have seen anywhere and it was right here in the middle of the town. 
They must breed in this unspoilt piece of woodland between Granville and Fitzalan Roads. The caterpillars feed on various grasses.
The grass outside the library has a yellow carpet of Bird’s Foot Trefoil and I spotted a White butterfly patrolling but wasn’t able to identify the species. 
On the walk back I found some lovely planter and wall flowers


  1. what is the top yellow flower? It looks like a Peaflower but I used to think it was Cowslip? Simon.

  2. Hi Colin - great photos. Love the speckled woods butterfly shots. How did you do in the competition or is it coming up? 45 deg in Saudi you aren't missing anything. Still in a cast hopefully only 8 weeks to go! Went to Bev's last night and dean a great u/water photographer showed us his photos. See you dinner is served. Love to Sue.

  3. Simon, it is Bird's Foot Trefoil.


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