Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bignor Roman Villa

We had a club trip to the Roman Villa at Bignor this morning. This site complements Fishbourne Roman Palace and is very well presented. The mosaics are amazing, some are in very fine condition. It is a private museum and has been open for tourism since the early 19th century. A Contry caraft and farm fair was on so we had a loko at some interesting exhibits including a wood turner using treadle power, and a flint worker who made arrow and axe heads.  I bought a couple of butterfly books from  a bookseller who saw me coming... The Worthing Archeological Society had some fascinating exhibits including a 500,000 year old axe made by Homo heidelbergensis. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at the Squire and Horse, Bury Hill.

Medusa head
Jupiter disguised as an eagle preys on the young shepherd, a good looking young god...
A nymph

you walk on Roman tiles

The Hypercaust (heating) system
Welcome cup
 part of the gladiator frieze
start oi gladiator frieze

another welcome cup

tilemakers marks show on tile surface. They had a daily quota so had to prove which tiles they had made.

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