Monday, 14 June 2010

Romiley and Lathkill Dale

Yesterday Bea joined us for a trip to Romiley near Stockport to visit Simon, Phyllis and Anna. The route past the Ladybower Reservoir and over the Snake Pass is very picturesque so we enjoyed the drive. Anna enjoyed playing hide and seek which was followed by a lovely Italian style lunch buffet. Sue suggested a game of consequences which went down well, Bea’s contributions included “a nice cup of tea and biscuits”. Anna then treated us to Yankee Doodle on her euphonium… It poured with rain for the return trip but cleared up after the Snake Pass.

a Rhododendron Peak in Derbyshire

This morning we headed to Lathkill Dale for a walk and lunch at the Lathkil Hotel,  a favourite haunt. We stopped on the way at the Hassop Station bookshop to find that the premises have new tenants who are running a cafĂ© with some books. The story of the changeover is in The Star. The award winning Countrybookstore which used to run from the premises still operates online. From the Lathkil Hotel we did a short walk through sheep covered fields above the River Lathkill, listened to a curlew and watched swallows skimming the fields.
 its a hard life being a lamb
where's my mum
 this is what mums are for
Lathkil Hotel
 The River Lathkill
 The Wesleyan Chapel
 Derbyshire dry stone wall

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