Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lankan turtle, Tuna Pass and Hudhuveli whitetips

Yesterday there was heavy rain and the aftermath made for a wet journey to Lankan Reef where we found two Whitetip Sharks resting on the sand.

Bluestripe Snapper, Lutjanus kasmira
Clark's Anemonefish , Amphiprion clarkii
Collared Butterflyfish, Chaetodon collare
Abdulla & Hawksbill turtle
Hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata
It spotted something interesting under the coral head. Turtles graze on coral, scraping off algae and  coral polyps. I have also seen them eating anemones.

Adel & Hawksbill turtle

Imperial Angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator
Magnificent Firegoby, Nemateleotris magnifica
Usually seen in pairs
Maldive Anemonefish, Amphipriion nigripes &
Ascyllus Anemonefish, Dascyllus trimaculatus, juveniles
(black with white spots)
Oriental Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus vittatus
Peacock Rock Cod, Cephalopholis argus
Saddled Sharpnose Puffer, Canthigaster valentini
The Saddled Sharpnose Puffer is highly poisonous to eat. The non-toxic Blacksaddle Filefish mimics the Saddled Sharpnose Puffer and so benefits from the 'bad reputation' of the Saddled Sharpnose Puffer as predators avoid it.
Blacktip Grouper, Epinephelus fasciatus
This is the first time I have seen the Blacktip Grouper, which I originally labelled Vermillion Rock Code in error. It was not reported as located in the Maldives on www.fishbase.us so I uploaded it on 5 Dec 2016.
Harlequin Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides
Threadfin Butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga
Titan Triggerfish, Balistoides viridescens
Two-lined Monocle Bream, Scolopsis bilineatus
Vlaming's Unicornfish, Naso vlamingii
Yellow Boxffish, Ostracion cubicus
Yellowfin Soldierfish, Myripristis berndti
The second morning dive was at Tuna Pass:

Clark's Anemonefish , Amphiprion clarkii
Featherstars on whip coral
Giant Moray, Gymnothorax javanicus
Magenta Menella
The afternoon dive was at Hudhuveli Outer where we saw a large stingray:

Alcyonaria soft coral
Alcyonaria soft coral
Bigeye Bream, Monotaxis grandoculis
Bill & Two-spot Snappers, Lutjanus biguttatus
Black Pyramid Butterflyfish, Hemitaurichthys zoster
Collared Butterflyfish, Chaetodon collare
Giant Moray, Gymnothorax javanicus
Soft Dimemnum Sea Squirts, Didemnum molle on
Whip Coral
Commonly seen throughout the Indo-Pacific region, this Ascidian is usually found in clusters, often on   fishing line. The green colour is from blue-green algae living as symbionts in the cloacal cavity.
Maldive Anemonefish, Amphipriion nigripes
One-spot Snapper, Lutjanus monostigma
Painted Rock Lobsters, Panurilus versicolor
Painted Rock Lobster, Panurilus versicolor

Slender Sweeper, Parapriacanthus ransonneti
Two-spot Snapper, Lutjanus biguttatus
Two-spot Snappers, Lutjanus biguttatus &
Bluestripe Snappers, Lutjanus kasmira
Two-spot Snappers, Lutjanus biguttatus
Whitetip Reef Shark, Triaenodon obesus
 It was lying on the bottom until I disturbed it.

Whitetip Reef Shark, Triaenodon obesus
Yellowfin Goatfish, Mulloidichthys vanicolensis
Gary "Where's that dive boat?"
Bill "It's over there"
reminds of those war films - destroyer heading for sub

last out again!

Tying up loose ends
diving is fun
Abdulla, Adel & Gary

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