Sunday, 21 October 2012

Heyshott Work Party, a griffin button and a dress hook

Last Wednesday I joined the Heyshott work party again for some more woodland clearing.  We were lucky again with the weather and we benefited from mechanised help.

Last night I attended the Hailsham Bonfire celebrations where we (SusSAR - Sussex Search and Rescue unit) were marshalling the parade. Unfortunately there was a steady drizzle throughout the evening, but the parade went well.

This morning my club had a metal detecting dig at which a Celtic unit (coin) was found. I found a Griffin button, a large 16/17th century dress hook and a halfpenny sized coin or token.
woodman, spare that tree!

oh well...
assessing the clearance
Dress Hook
Cast copper alloy 'male' tag from a pair hooked tags. 
length 40.2mm, width 28.6mm, thickness 2.3mm, weight 9.81g. 
The tag has a sub-oval plate with a large rectangular hook at one end. Immediately behind the hook are two pierced knops with a third at the rear for attachment. The centre of the plate is decorated with a foliate design. This artefact dates to the 16th - 17th century.

Griffin livery button from the early 20th century
on the front: 'nous perservons' (we perceive)
made by Bartleet & Sons, Warranted.
diameter 25.2mm, weight 6.75g

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