Wednesday, 25 July 2012

more Graylings

This morning I once again visited Windover Hill to find more Graylings as yesterday was so successful. I arrived at about the same time, 10:30am and immediately saw Graylings flying. I stayed on top of the hill and could see Steve and Maggie and also Bob on the lower slope in pursuit of the Grayling. Grayling activity slowed down from noon when I noticed that the Graylings flew into shaded places and stayed put. Around 2pm they started flying again. Once again one flew around me and landed on my trousers, and later landed on my hand to take salts. Before I left I met Derek and Pauline who had arrived to enjoy the show.
  On the way back I found a pair of mating Dark Green Fritillaries. The virgin female was pristine and he was a sad old thing, but  intent on doing the business. There were a few Small Coppers and some Six-spot Burnet moths on the top meadow. On the way home I visited the Newhaven Nature Reserve and saw Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers.
When I got up this morning I noticed a tick on my leg that I had picked up yesterday. I carefully removed it with sharp pointed tweezers and a magnifying glass as shown in this video:
Grayling, Hipparchia semele
Grayling on my trouser leg
Grayling sheltering in chalk hole
Grayling on my hand

Grayling on gorse

Dark Green Fritillaries mating, Argynnis aglaja
Dark Green Fritillaries mating, fresh female on left

Six-spot Burnet, Zygaena filipendulae
rose growing among grass at Newhaven

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