Monday, 16 July 2012

Comma chased by Meadow Brown

Comma, Polygonia c-album
On Sunday we had a detecting club dig on wet fields, but nothing found. The highlight was watching a Meadow Brown pursue a Comma for many minutes. It appeared to mistake the Comma for a potential mate, even landing just behind it and staying for some time before they were off again. The pursuit eventually broke off and I was able to photograph the Comma. Afterwards I did my weekly butterfly transect at Mill Hill as the weather was good: 4 Meadow Brown, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Small Heath, my lowest count of the year. I then visited Hollingbury Park, Brighton, but the lack of sunshine denied me White-letter Hairstreak sightings. I saw a Silver Y moth there.
unknown insect (3mm)
Silver Y, Autographa gamma
Silver Y, Autographa gamma

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