Tuesday, 12 July 2011

White-letter Hairstreak at Hollingbury Park

White-letter Hairstreak
On Monday afternoon I travelled from Mill Hill to Hollingbury Park, Brighton, hoping for my first close-up views of the elusive White-letter Hairstreak. I have been before but now that I knew exactly where to go following an excellent trip report by the organiser of  the previous day’s Butterfly Conservation Walk. There I met Doug from Eastbourne who had been on Sunday's trip. He reported a sighting a few minutes before I arrived so I was hyped up. We waited for the sun to appear and hey presto, there they were, fluttering around and nectaring on ragwort and bramble. We had about 20 sightings, with at least 2 individuals and we suspected more. They were not in the least bothered by the cameras and stayed on an individual flower for long periods and proved to be an easy butterfly to photograph. It was well worth the effort and I was delighted to tick off this lovely butterfly at last!

Doug in the background taking a photo

Afterwards I called in at David and Karen's for a cup of tea. They have lovely views of the downs. One of their cats was playing with a slow-worm which was rescued and put in a safe area of the garden.

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