Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pendants, a pigeon and a token

On Sunday we had a club dig on a fine day. Four hammered coins were found. My finds included:
a star shaped pendant with some blue enamel still adhering to both sides: 46.22mm long, 37.87mm wide, weight: 11.75g
a complete crotal bell with ringer: 40.67mm x 30.72mm, weight: 29.63g
a button, diameter: 24.97mm, weight: 5.94g
a bird ring issued by the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union and a 1960 portcullis threepenny bit. 


bird ring

Crotal bell
Elizabeth I sixpence, 1592
Edward I penny?
Elizabeth I sixpence, 1567
On the previous dig,  June 19, I  found:
a shield shaped pendant with lion, 27.45mm x 16.44mm, weight: 4.45g
a lead token with RF on one side an AH on the other, 26.82mm x 24.26mm, weight: 8.86g
a George III  halfpenny 
a 1938 ship halfpenny
Lion Pendant
Lead token with RF and AH

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