Thursday, 28 July 2011

Holly Blue at Steyning

Holly Blue on Valerian
Yesterday afternoon I visited Steyning as reports on the BC-Sussex site were coming in of Brown Hairstreaks emerging in Sussex. A cyclist asked me what was attracting photographers as there were several at the site earlier in the day. Although I didn’t find a Brown Hairstreak, I did come across a very obliging Holly Blue nectaring on Valerian on the northwest end of the upper slope. There were many Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns plus Peacocks, Red Admirals, a Wall, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood and Common Blue. I also found a glistening slow-worm.
Gatekeeper on Ragwort
Red Admiral on Teasel
Meadow Brown on Bramble
Meadow Brown
Holly Blue
Holly Blue taking-off
Green-veined White
Green-veined White taking off
Green-veined white

Oedemera nobilis beetle
Seven-spot Ladybird
Pyrausta aurata moth

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