Sunday, 17 July 2011

Moon, boats, a shrew and and a toad

On Monday we had dinner at The Arun View, always a good excuse for a walk along the river. At 1:15am on Thursday we were woken for a SusSAR callout. I was home for breakfast, but spent the day feeling like a zombie. The evening sky was clear on Thursday so I got this moon pic. On Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday a SusSAR Lowland Search Technician Course was held near Horsham. A few of us saw a shrew at the Dragon, Colgate on Friday evening. Many SusSAR members assisted with 15 participants who attended the course during which four Team Leader candidates were doing their practicals. At the end of the Saturday evening exercise at 9:35pm I heard my first Nightjar. On the way back a toad crossed our path, the first I have seen for years.
River Arun walk

Two LST candidates and staff member

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