Friday, 22 July 2011

Second brood Dingy Skippers at Mill Hill

We were woken at 3:30 by a SusSAR callout. I was halfway to the far east of East Sussex when a standown message came in. The missing person had been found safe and well in the care home that she was reported missing from! I got a couple of hours sleep then headed off to Mill Hill to get my weekly butterfly transect done while the sun was shining.
More Chalkhill Blues have emerged, including some large specimens. There was a second brood of Adonis Blue. A big surprise was second brood Dingy Skippers which Neil advised is a rare event. I also saw a grass snake slither away into the brambles. 
The count was 5 Adonis Blue, 1 Brimstone, 1 Brown Argus, 9 Chalkhill Blue, 1 Comma, 1 Common Blue, 2 Dingy Skipper, 6 Gatekeeper, 1 Large White, 2 Marbled White, 7 Meadow Brown, 8 Peacock, 7 Red Admiral, 2Small Heath, 4 Wall Brown.
mating Gatekeepers
male Brimstone
Chalkhill Blue
male Adonis Blue
male Adonis Blue
male Common Blue
Brown Argus
second brood Dingy Skipper
Dingy Skipper
Common Blue
Dingy Skipper
male Adonis Blue
Gatekeeper on Ragwort
Common Blue drying out

After Mill Hill I visited Steyning Rifle range again to see if any Brown Hairstreaks were out yet, but saw no one.
Blackbird has an insect, the sparrow followed her everywhere
Green-veined White

Small Skipper
Red Admiral
Red Admiral
Clouds over Steyning

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  1. Pleased to hear about Grass Snakes again. Chalkhill Blues are ominiously dire compared to previous years. Adonis Blues appear early (from memory. Second brood Dingy Skippes are in there ones or twos every year. I don't think I have recorded any more.

    Andy Horton


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