Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sanderlings on the beach

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The past two mornings have been icy cold, but as the tide was out I took my metal detector to the beach. This morning I found two rings, one a silver Man United signet ring, 925 fine, with the Birmingham mark of an anchor. The other is a cheap plated ring with a red ‘stone’ in the middle and one of four ‘diamonds’ left, presumably all glass. I then spotted a flock of Sanderlings feeding along the waterline as the tide came in so I returned with my camera.
Sanderling taking off
keep your seat belts fastened please
undercarriage up
on the run
Sanderling digging deep
finds food (looks like a mussel), takes it to the water & rinses it, returns,
puts it down, picks it up and swallows it
Stumpy running
Stumpy with his mates

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