Tuesday 22 July 2014

Wood Whites rule at Chiddingfold Forest

Wood White male courting female, Leptidea sinapis
She was busy laying and rejected him.
Yesterday  I arrived at Chiddingfold Forest at 10:15 and as I walked along the path from Botany Bay I was pleased to see many species on the wing including Silver-washed Fritillary, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Red Admiral, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Green-veined White, Brimstone, Small Skipper and Ringlet. Just after I crossed the bridge I spotted my first Wood White followed by another 25 during the next 3 hours. Most were travelling along the vegetation by the paths without stopping. I found a female laying and was able to follow her for an hour while she rested, nectared, and laid her single eggs. I was fortunate that cloud cover briefly cooled the forest during this period which gave better light for photography.
male Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni
Brown Plume, Stenoptilia pterodactyla
hoverfly - id needed
Garden Grass-veneer, Chrysoteuchia culmella
Garden Grass-veneer, Chrysoteuchia culmella
Great Pied Hoverfly, Volucella pellucens
Green-veined White, Pieris napi
Pearl Veneer, Agriphila straminella
female Silver-washed Fritillary, Argynnis paphia
female Silver-washed Fritillary, Argynnis paphia
Upright Hedge-parsley, Torilis japonica
Wood White egg laying, Leptidea sinapis
Wood White egg
Wood White male courting female, Leptidea sinapis

female Wood White:

a tiny hitch-hiker can be seen at the top of the forewing

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