Tuesday 22 July 2014

Walls, Dingy Skippers and a Clouded Yellow

female Wall, Lasiommata megera
I conducted my weekly transect at Mill Hill today and saw my first Clouded Yellow of the year, a mating pair of fresh Walls and second brood Dingy Skippers: Brimstone 4, Chalkhill Blue 31, Clouded Yellow 1, Comma 1, Common Blue 14, Dingy Skipper 4, Gatekeeper 42, Green-veined White 10, Marbled White 17, Meadow Brown 68, Peacock 7, Red Admiral 2, Small Heath 2, Small Skipper 4, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Wall Brown 5, Treble-bar 2. The temperature was 28°C.
Chalkhill Blue, Lysandra coridon
Common Blue, Polyommatus icarus
Treble-bar, Aplocera plagiata
Vervain, Verbena officinalis
female Wall, Lasiommata megera
Yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella

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