Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bluebells, a Shrew, Orange-tips and a Small White

Orange-tip, Anthocharis cardamines on Bluebell
Yesterday afternoon I checked Rewell Wood and found a Shrew. This morning I visited the dive Lane woods and saw 4 Orange-tips, my first Small White of the year and some Green-veined Whites. The Bluebells were a delight and the air was filled with their perfume.
Common Shrew, Sorex araneus
Common Shrew, Sorex araneus

I was walking along a grassy verge and saw the shrew at the same time as he saw me. We both froze and I slowly got my camera in position. To my amazement he stayed in position for a while then disappeared fast.

Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Green-veined White, Pieris napi on Dandelion
Green-veined White on Bluebell
  Green-veined White on Wood Anemone
Orange-tip, Anthocharis cardamines on Bluebell
Red Campion, Silene dioica
Small White, Pieris rapae
Spider, id needed.
several spiders on a bluebell

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