Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cissbury Ring

Speckled Wood
This morning I attended a club dig which yielded some buttons, various artefacts and  what I believe to be a Saxon brooch. I also saw Brimstones, Peacocks, a Speckled Wood and my first Small Tortoiseshell of the year. Afterwards I visited Cissbury Ring and was rewarded with photos of a Speckled Wood and inevitably an adder of the grey variety. 
top row: decorated piece of tin (10 cms)
row 2: 
Home-made 1oz lead weight cast in a thimble; 
Flattened lead piece,  3x3.5cms with pattern on both sides; 
copper alloy square in 2 pieces 4x4cm. I found the two pieces 10 yards apart, amazing luck.
row 3: 
a bowl-shaped copper alloy object 18mm diameter, a 'rivet' passes through the centre which measures 11.6mm.
3 buttons, largest 2cm diameter. The two smaller ones are made of tombac.
This copper alloy late medieval incomplete fastener weighs 3.02g, length = 22.07mm, width = 15.05mm, depth = 4.45mm
view north
grey adder
Speckled Wood
view south east
view south east
Field Pansies

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