Monday 11 April 2011

Blackadders, white adders and a brown adder

Dingy Skipper
I first climbed Cissbury Ring and saw a Kestrel being mobbed by two crows. Then at Mill Hill I was rewarded by a fantastic display by at least four adders. A large brown female was mating with a 'white' adder. A black adder then appeared but decided not to interfere. The pair disappeared into the bushes, then two black adders twisted about each other while rearing up to determine dominance. All this occurred in the same spot. I was joined by Malcolm, Neil, Steve and Maggie who all saw adders.

white male mating with brown female
a black adder joins them on the right 
two black adders 'dancing' for dominance 

white male 
There were just a few Dingy Skippers and 10 Grizzled Skippers which were nectaring on dandelions and horseshoe vetch.
male Brimstone
Grizzled Skipper
Grizzled Skipper 

Two Whitethroats sang fiercely at each other at the top of the hill.

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