Monday 17 January 2011

A flood, sixpence and a Chiton

Heavy rain produced the 'best' flood I have seen yet on Sea Road by Norfolk Gardens. This giant paddling pool is a feature of this road whenever it rains for a few hours.
A couple of hours on the beach produced this very thin and worn 1912 George V sixpence. 
I also spotted a chiton for the first time. This primitive mollusc Acanthochitona fascicularis, looks a bit like a woodlice. Thanks to Ian Smith (see comment below) for correcting my species id.


  1. Mollusc looks like a set of teeth with gum disease!

  2. Hi Colin, Your image shows Acanthochitona fascicularis - the wide fleshy girdle extending between the valves to the midline is diagnostic - no other Brit. sp. has the feature. If it were in water you would see 18 tufts of bristles. Have a look at the images (couple from Ireland & selection from Croatia) at I am preparing images of L. asellus for upload onto the Conch soc site shortly.


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