Friday, 31 December 2010

Post Christmas events

the lads at The Ranmoor Inn
We returned from Sheffield on Wednesday after a lovely break. The fog got worse as we neared the south coast. There was one very bad accident on the A34 north of the M4, but that was the only delay. Nute made a brilliant Christmas lunch for twelve and the Sami and Beth reminded us old‘uns what Christmas means to young’uns.
last walk with Ollie in Endcliffe Park. The Snow has mostly melted but there is still ice on the ponds
On Sunday we recovered, on Monday Jo, Jen and Katherine came over for lunch and on Tuesday Penny & George arrived from Hull. Before they arrived we visited the Weston Park Museum. It has been reworked since our last visit years ago and is very impressive, with great areas for children, especially the recreation of a local butchers shop where they can serve behind the counter.
After lunch I visited The Ranmoor Inn with George, Ken for an interesting few pints. George and another George sitting nearby knew many pubs in common in Hull and Sheffield! An interesting debate between George and Ken ensued about whether there was a snooker table in The Nursery in times past. The other George and Nute independently verified George’s memory of it. We reminisced about The Nursery landlady Vera’s famous pork butties in the 70’s. Over a pint of Stones we used to drool as the smell of the pork roast drifted downstairs. The crackling was perfect.
The River Arun from the West Bank

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