Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sunrise, snow and sunsets

Yesterday's sunrise
The weather is conspiring against Christmas in the North. We have had snow flurries and sleet a couple of times this week, but each time it has melted quickly. I took the detector to the beach a couple of times. Finds were 3p, a clock key, 2 fishing weights and a red Dinky Alfa Romeo SZ.

Cod piece 
Yesterday's sunset
 after this morning's snow flurry
today's sunset
There was an excellent butterfly program in the Natural World series last night last night on BBC2: Butterflies: A Very British Obsession. The opening sequence about the Purple Emperor featured two people I know, Neil Hulme, Chairman of the Sussex branch of Butterfly Conservation, and Matthew Oates, National Trust Nature Conservation Adviser.
The programme can be viewed this week on BBC iPlayer.

We just watched the final of Strictly. We voted for Pamela, but were happy to se1e Kara win and thought all three were worthy finalists. What to do on Saturday nights now!

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