Monday 20 December 2010

Pastel sunset, a farthing and a signet ring

To view a Slideshow of the sunset, click this photo, then choose Fullscreen (top right) & Fast (TL)
Yesterday afternoon I decided to give west beach a go with my detector. A wonderful sunset occurred while I was there.

When  I checked my finds I had a Farthing of Edward VII (1901-1910) in very poor condition and a most of a gold Signet ring which was heavily encrusted with copper salts. After scraping this off I can see two scrolled letters, I think the first is a G. The ring weighs 3.3gm.
Edward VII farthing
Signet ring as found
after cleaning
Dan & Gabi's wedding orchid now has 26 flowers on 3 stalks with another 4 buds to open. We now have 45 orchid flowers on 6 orchids on our table.

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