Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas walk in Endcliffe Park

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Before lunch I went for a walk in Endcliffe Park. Ken was ahead of me with Ollie, but our paths didn’t cross. There were wonderful icicles along the river and more reflections. This was followed by a huge Christmas lunch with all the traditional trimmings, including home made cranberry sauce. I consumed the Christmas pudding and double cream, log roll and fresh fruit salad, and trifle. As guests arrived they were greeted with a glass of champagne. Alex and Nadine had arrived from Derby by the time I returned from my walk. They were followed by Mark, Helen and the girls - Sami who has shot up since last year and Beth who was excited by all the possibilities in store (chocolates galore and presents) followed by Carol with daughter Kara. Carol was impressed with my Tudor clothes fastener which I had brought up to show around. A great time was had by all. After everyone left I took Ollie for a walk around the block and he has just rewarded me with a mighty emanation from his position on the floor right in front of me.

After I posted this a friend in the US told me her aunt had a phobia of flying ever since she witnessed the crash. She and a group of kids were trying to pull out one of the US airmen from the wreckage who was still alive and talking to them but they failed and could only stand by as he perished.
I researched further and found this story of the B17-G and her ill fated crew.
Post 5 on this site is an eye witness account of the crash.
I have just read a 1997 book about the Mi Amigo and which is available for the Kindle

Flaming pud
 Ken and Ollie after lunch
 Beth really enjoying one of her presents

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