Friday, 27 November 2009

Three glorious dives today

The first dive was at Rainbow Giri. Small soft corals covered the reef down to 25 metres, with overhangs providing cover for a multitude of fish of all shapes, colours and sizes. I caught a Soldier fish with a Cleaner Wrasse eating parasites from its face, Collared Butterfly fish and Moorish Idols patrolling in pairs and Clownefish guarding their Anemones. Sheryl and I were shooting the same Sweetlips from opposite sides of the hole in the coral.

The second dive at Maagiri Caves gave us a vertical wall with plenty of fish including a lovely red anemone with Clownefish, Trunkfish, Boxfish and a brilliant blue ribbon eel hunting for Anthias, the small goldfish that inhabit the reefs in their thousands.

The afternoon dive at Potato reef, a favourite, gave us Moray eels, red Coral trout, glass fish clustering at the cave entrances, Sweetlips with their yellow stripes, Clownefish, Pufferfish and a Flounder at the end.

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